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Motley Fool Stock

Everyone surely is familiar with the word ‘Stocks’ but have you ever heard about ‘Motley Fool Stock Advisor? Many people surely are knowing this word for the first time but this guide will provide you with complete information about this term that what it is and what services or offer it provides to its customers.
Many people prefer to avoid investing in mutual funds and pick individual stocks for themselves for various reasons. However, the question here arises, why one should choose a Motley Fool Stock advisor?

Let’s get along with the guide and got all our answers here.
What is Motley Fool Stock Advisor?
In order to begin the guide, one should first brace themselves with the term ‘Motley Fool Stock Advisor.’ To avail of its services, you need a subscription. Once, you are subscribed, you can go for it. Basically, it is a service that lets you pick 2 stocks every month. Each stock comes with detailed scanning that why Motley fool has chosen a particular stock for you and why you should invest in it.
If you are a subscriber of this service, you will also get to know the previous stock history of Motley Fool. You don’t need to research any stock, it will all be done by the advisor. You only have to invest in that particular stock. Sounds clear? Let’s move forward.

How it Works
Let’s move to the actual point that how it works? Before subscribing to their services. you should fully know the working of Motley Fool Stock advisor. Now that you have finally made your mind to be a part of this service, so the first step requires is signing up after heading towards their site.
If you are worried that this service won’t satisfy you then it also has a solution. They give you an option of a 30-days refund which means if this offer won’t make you happy, you can stop it within 30 days anytime. You will be given back all the amount that you had invested. Sounds interesting? To be honest, I found it pretty amazing.
Now that you have joined this service, you will be given different stock picks every month from where you have to choose according to your requirement. Always remember that the options of stock will be given to you after thorough research. So you can’t doubt it.
Now that you are fully aware of its working, let’s have a look at a few of its features that enhance its worth. The features include:
1- Stock Tip
Apart from 2 stock picks, you are given sock tips every month. The stock tip is being researched and analyzed thoroughly by the heads and they are given to you with an in-depth report.
Hence, if it has been recommended to you it means it surely is worth investing in. Every month, you would be blessed with these stock tips that are reliable and trustworthy. I found it one of the worth considering features of Motley Fool Stock Advisor.
2- Notification Alert
You will be notified instantly of what’s happening in the stock market and which step should be taken at the right moment. These notifications keep you updated about new trends and which stock price has increased etc. You will also be notified about the opportunities that you may avail of due to the price fluctuation. Isn’t it an amazing feature to get?
3- Stock History
It is always helpful when you get to know the stock history as it gives a clear idea that which stock had been trended in the past. Tough, you won’t be able to buy that stock again, yet sometimes getting an idea is all that you need. Once you become a member of Motley Fool Stock Advisor, you will be notified about all the stock pick-ups in the past.
4- Customer Service
Customer service is an important part of every business or industry. If a customer doesn’t get support from the company then he remains confused about several things. However, another great feature or advantage of this service is, it gives you live customer support.
A number is mentioned where you can call and ask about all your queries regarding investment or other issues. You can get customer service 24/7.
5- Support for Newbies
If you have just made an count on the website and don’t have anything to show on the portfolio, don’t worry it also has a solution. Once you become a subscriber, you will be given 10 stocks that you can easily add to create your portfolio. Have you ever heard about this feature before? Surely not. However, Motley Fool Stock Advisor provides you with this feature that every newbie requires.
6- Stock Screener Access
It is a tool that investors and traders use. The tool allows them to figure out their required methodology among thousands of options. It is quite easy to use this tool.
Motley Fool Stock Advisor Cost
When it comes to the cost of this service, it is straightforward and transparent. If you are a newbie and have just made your account there, you can get the membership of1 year at only $99 and to me, it is quite satisfactory. Apart from that, if you won’t satisfy with their services, you have the option for money-back within 30 days.
You can cancel this service anytime within 30 days. You will be given back the money without any reduction. I think 30 days are enough to get to know either you want to go for this service or not.
It is all about Motley Fool Stock Advisor that I have explained in this guide. I hope that you have got a clear idea regarding so many things. However, always remember that every service has its cons also that you should know before availing of it. If you have an interest in the stock market and want to invest, you can’t get any better platform than this service.
I hope this guide will be helpful for you in the future. Take notes from it and make decision wisely.

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