Option Fair Broker Review and Details

Option Fair Broker

Binary options’ trading provided by the Optionfair.com broker is fairly simple, convenient, and user-friendly. It is attained at the expense of a fact that the trading platform OptionFair is very handy. More detailed information about the broker is provided in our overview and in reviews of traders.

Overview’s contents:

  1. General information about broker
  2. Trading terms
  3. Registration on company’s website
  4. Minimal deposit
  5. Broker’s trading platform
  6. Trading training centre
  7. Funds’ withdrawal
  8. Broker’s benefits and disadvantages
  9. Company’s rating
  10. Traders’ reviews

General information about broker

Broker optionfair.com is a modern company that provides its clients with a handy trading platform for the binary options trading. This company does its work the special way, letting every trader to trade binary options safely and do not worry about safety of his funds. It is attained thanks to the fist-class team, which does everything for the convenience of the company’s clients. It is proved by the company’s obtaining of a license CySec that is accepted in all of the EU-states.

The distinctive feature of this broker consists in a high percentage of payments that are common for the short-term options. On this website you can earn up to 89% profit on one deal.

Company’s head office is located in Cyprus, but it also has offices in more than 10 world’s countries. In addition, company’s support service is provided in all major languages. A trader can contact company’s representative and get an answer to a question of his interest in the detailed form at any time.

Trading terms of optionfair:

  • Demo account – no
  • Year of foundation – 2010
  • Minimal deposit – $200
  • Minimal lot – $25
  • Option’s profitability – up to 89%
  • Assets: stocks, Forex currencies, indexes, and commodities

Registration on broker’s website

optionfair Registration

Registration procedure on the broker’s website is very simple. In order to complete it, a trader has to fill-in the special form that is located on the website’s main page. General information about user has to be specified in this form. It is necessary to remember that you have to specify only authentic information during registration. It is needed because you will have to activate your account in future. In order to activate, a broker will demand you to provide him copies of documents that certify your identity. Only when this procedure is completed, an account will be fully activated. But this verification is not necessary to start working. It has to be completed before the first withdrawal of funds.

The registration itself will take only a few minutes. After this, you will have your own account using which you will be able to work. It is needed to note that when filling-in all of the personal information it is required to specify it with English letters because Cyrillic doesn’t work in the registration form.

Minimal deposit and account’s deposit

Before starting trading binary options, it is needed to deposit your trading balance. We have to note that Optionfair has a minimal deposit in the amount of $200. After depositing of this amount, you can start trading. If you use a credit card for the deposit, minimal deposit’s amount will be $300.

Depositing balance is possible in a few methods, including banker’s transfers, electronic payment systems, banks’ cards, and international money transfer. Funds’ remittance is conducted after the payment instantly. The whole process of depositing a balance takes up only a few minutes. After this, an account will be absolutely ready for the real binary options trading. It is needed to remember that Optionfair com doesn’t provide their clients with a demo account. For this reason, you will have to get familiar with a platform during the practical trading.

Broker’s trading platform

In the beginning of this overview we have already noticed that the trading platform of this broker is very handy. This is because it has many different options’ types and underlying assets that are available in the compact window where the whole trading is conducted. A trader is provided with a wide variety of options that are also divided into the categories, according to the profitability percentage. It allows working with trading that has a high percentage of payment.

optionfair platform

This broker allows working with the following options’ types:

  • High/Low
  • One touch
  • Boundary
  • Short-term
This option type is known as a digital option. It allows a trader to earn up to 85% for the correct forecast on the direction of the underlying assets quotes’ movement. A trader is offered to buy a lot with a time of closure in the amount of not less than 5 minutes. Maximum time can take up to an end of the month. To buy a lot, it is needed to make a forecast, whether the asset’s price will be higher or lower than the current rate until the time of the lot’s expiration. You will get a profit, if the price has moved into the needed direction at least on 1 point. All assets represented on a platform are available for trading.
It is the most profitable type of options’ among those that are provided by a broker. When working with a high profitability, a trader can earn up to 350% of the profit. The essence of the one touch options is in the fact that a broker has to determine two target levels for each asset: higher and lower. Trader has to forecast, whether the quote of an asset will reach this level. In order to maintain a positive result, the certain restrictive condition has to be met. For this reason, the investor’s repayment grows too.
Boundary options are based on working with strong oscillations motions in the market, or on its lack. This option is called so because a trader is provided with a special trading range that has the strict boundaries. These boundaries are the control level which a trader will work with. In fact, investor needs only to make a forecast, whether the asset’s price will be within or out of the range up to the expiration time. For such a simple forecast a trader can earn up to 70% of the profit from the investment’s amount. Trading with a high profit is also available for work. Payments for it can reach 350%, but the working conditions become tougher too. For example, a trader buys an option with a condition to exceed the boundary, and the range levels are substantially moved away from the current quote’s value, depending up the profitability of the lot.
This type of option on the website Optionfair provides an opportunity to buy lots with short expiration time. Platform of this broker provides an opportunity to buy an option for 60 seconds, 2 minutes, and 5 minutes. Profitability of such trading will be in the amount up to 70%. The major currency pairs provided on the platform, stock, commodities, and indexes are available for work.

Training on how to trade binary options

optionfair Training

In terms of presence of the training materials, Optionfair.com is slightly inferior to its competitors. Of course, this section is not empty at all. But from the whole variety of training materials in the training centre, only the E-book, which includes basic issues in the binary options trading, is worth noticing.

In the training materials, you will be able to find the broker’s answers to the frequently asked questions of the website’s users. All the practical questions, which cause difficulties for traders, are considered here. In addition, you can solve all issues with the company’s support service that works 24 hours a day. Staff includes workers who know different languages and will be able to answer to your questions regarding the binary options trading on this broker’s website.

Funds’ withdrawal from account

The considered company allows its clients to withdraw funds from their trading accounts smoothly. For this, it is needed to complete the verification procedure once. We have discussed this procedure earlier. Now, it is needed to clarify that for its completion, you will have to provide a broker with copies of documents that certify your identity and a copy of the receipt that was paid on your behalf and has your residential address noted. After this, account will be activated, and you will be able to withdraw money.

Optionfair com allows each trader to withdraw money once in a month without payment of fees. If you want to carry out more than one withdrawal during a month, every following withdrawal will be imposed with a commission in the amount of $30. Payment is carried out during three business days. Payment method is identical to the method that was used for depositing an account.

Benefits and disadvantages of Optionfair

+Trading platform of Optionfair com is very convenient in work. All major items are close to each other, and there is no necessity to shift between windows or do other unnecessary things.

+Among the benefits of this company will can also mention a fact that the reviews of Optionfair broker are positive in the majority. It means that people who have worked with this broker have duly appreciated it.

+A great amount of the underlying assets is available for trading every day. It allows trader to extend his trading toolkit for earning even more profit.

Among the disadvantages of this company, we can only notice the scarcity of the training materials regarding the general processes of working with binary options.

Option Fair Broker Review and Details
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This rating is based on the data provided by the independent sources, our own examinations, as well as on the reviews of traders who work with this broker. •Take the opportunity and express your opinion! Give a grade to a broker in the user’s rating and leave a review in the commentary’s section.
Binary options’ broker OptionFair is among the first to provide services in the field of binary options. Currently, it is one of the market’s leaders that has various certificates and the convenient trading platform 

Rating: 4

Broker’s rating

Binary options’ broker OptionFair is among the first to provide services in the field of binary options. Currently, it is one of the market’s leaders that has various certificates and the convenient trading platform 


This rating is based on the data provided by the independent sources, our own examinations, as well as on the reviews of traders who work with this broker. •Take the opportunity and express your opinion! Give a grade to a broker in the user’s rating and leave a review in the commentary’s section.

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Traders’ reviews

You can find absolutely different reviews on the Optionfair on the Internet. We would like to present you reviews of users of our website who have worked with this broker and formed and opinion based on the personal experience.

Beginners’ reviews on broker

The binary options subject was very familiar to me, but I was afraid to start trading because have heard a lot about unfair brokers. Friends have persuaded me to start working with Option fair because this is the licensed broker and I would not lose my money for sure. I have decided to try, and now I can say that it is the first-rate company with a team of professionals. I have never had an issue with depositing or withdrawal of funds. And the platform is very convenient for work too.

Vick, 37, Bristol

Professional traders’ reviews

I have to read traders’ reviews on work of the Optionfair broker frequently. Today, I would like to tell about how I work with this company, and what considerations do I have regarding the work of this broker. First of all, presence of the CySec license has to be mentioned. It provides the full safety of my investments. For this reason, I am absolutely confident in getting my money under all circumstances. Important point is in the minimal deposit for Optionfair com in the amount of only $200. In addition, convenient platform that allows buying options easily worth noting. I have used to work with several brokers before, and I have frequently come across the situation when they didn’t give a chance to buy the certain lot or have started the trading behind schedule. I have never faced such problems with this company.

Henry, 33, Sheffield

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