Timothy Sykes: An Individual Review

Timothy Sykes

If you are new to the world of penny stocks investments, getting help from an expert goes a long way in creating your road-map to financial success. Many scams claim to offer useful insight but rob users of their hard-earned money, because of the internet.

Timothy Sykes has successfully created an empire of online resources in the form of an inclusive website. His coaching system offers trading course materials and a chat room to help amateur and seasoned investors.

The TimothySykes website along with Profit.ly aims to provide as much information as possible to help talented traders in their penny stocks investments. At present, he has given thousands of subscriptions to his chat room and personal trading courses. He has also partnered with four trading gurus to work with him.

Features And Benefits

Tim Sykes has formulated critically acclaimed online trading courses and also moderates day-trading chat rooms.  Dubbed as a financial genius, Sykes rose to prominence when he turned $12,415 into $1.65 million at the age of 21.

His penny stocks success at such a young age made him one of the most credible sources to make profits in the penny stocks trade.

One of the best things about his success is that he utilized it to create his website and included all relevant information about the penny stocks trade in his online courses. His trading strategies and courses have helped thousands to become expert traders in a short period.


Sykes’s success stands on his keen observation that all penny stocks that surged up from 100 to 1000% will come back to their low price soon after. This step helped him to devise a beneficial strategy of buying and selling penny stocks to make the most profits.

Sykes has also done notable work in discovering many types of scams and frauds that claim to help investors. Most of these systems worked in the typical ‘pump and dumped’ fashion. However, Timothy helps investors to learn how to track volatile stocks and make huge profits with a small account.

All training methods and online resources from Sykes are transparent. Since he verifies his trade through his website Profit.ly, users can see all the profits and losses he has experienced along his trading journey.

Sykes is dubbed as one of the most beneficial online sources to seek valuable and insightful information about the penny stocks trade. His online guidelines and courses are easy to understand and are approved by expert investors.

Approximately $3 million of Timothy Sykes’ profits come from his trade earnings. What’s interesting to know is that most of his earnings have come from educating and training investors through his online courses, his educational DVD’s, newsletters and conferences.

A few users may not know that his DVD collection is fairly expensive. However, when you look at the benefits it provides to harness investing skills, it is worth the money.

How Much Does The Millionaire Student Challenge Cost?

The challenge costs roughly $5000 for the full year. Students receive a copy of all the DVD’s that he has created as a crucial part of his training course. Subscribers also get a membership to penny stocking silver that features 700 video lessons, watch-lists, and daily alerts.

Students also benefit from two webinars every week. Tim hosts one of these himself, while Michael Goode conducts the other one. Goode also moderates the chat room. Thanks to the chat room and the webinars, investors get plenty of advice to benefit from expert advice and helpful tips.

For subscribers who can’t afford to join the challenge (because of a $5,000 fee), the silver package serves as a fantastic alternative. One of the best things about Timothy Sykes is that he has joined hands with other successful trainers who have verified trading history featured on Profit.ly.

These financial gurus also sell chat room subscriptions and trade course DVDs in the network.

It is interesting to note that a few former members who previously worked with Sykes to train budding investors are now competing with Sykes by launching their services.

These are Cameron Fous, Jason Bond, Sang Lucci and Investors Underground to name a few. They have now set up their training websites and are now competing against Sykes.

What Others Say

Customers, who have benefitted from the training course and DVD’s of Sykes, consider him one of the best coaches to offer insightful information about the penny stocks trade.

Many of his past students have now established themselves as trainers and successful penny stocks investors. Thanks to the prolific library of trade reviews and video lessons, Timothy Sykes continue to rule the internet with his profound take on this unique kind of investments.

His strategy revolves around short-selling and not jumping into the much-hyped pump and dump method. Sykes is dubbed as a penny stocks sensation and has accomplished huge revenues and earnings through his trade and online courses.

Buying Advice

If you are looking to grow your penny stocks investments trade or want to dip your toes into this type of investments, subscribing to a coach for grooming your financial skills is crucial. Without the right skill-set and suitable knowledge, you are less likely to make any successful profits in this trade.

Tim Sykes offers a highly recommended online training system. He has successfully trained thousands of customers with his DVD’s and a rich online video library.

His students praise him for devising tangible and easy-to-understand training courses to secure easy and quick profits. Moreover, he has provided a verified history of his earnings to verify his expertise on the subject.

Final Verdict

Being a pioneer in crafting exclusive content to help penny stocks investors, Timothy Sykes has helped thousands of traders to maximize their profits. It is not unusual to come across hundreds of students of this penny stocks guru in the trade who also mentor other students.

A few subscribers may find his courses fairly expensive than other training modules. However, none of these come anywhere close to the craft and financial expertise that Timothy possesses.

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