Opteck Broker Review

Opteck Broker

Opteck binary options’ broker is a large company registered in the UK. We offer you an overview of Opteck.com broker, as well as reviews of it from practicing traders. Here you will learn how to conduct trading and find out the main peculiarities specific to a trading platform of this company.

 Overview’s contents:

  1. Trading terms
  2. Registration on website
  3. Demo account
  4. Minimum deposit
  5. Trading platform
  6. Underlying assets for work
  7. Training materials
  8. Types of accounts
  9. Withdraw of funds
  10. Trading strategies
  11. Benefits and disadvantages
  12. Reviews

General information

As mentioned above, the analyzed company was registered in the UK in 2011. It has given a good account of itself, so many traders choose Opteck for work because they trust this broker. This is mostly because the company rests its work on the British legislation and standards set by this legislation in a field of the financial market’s regulation.

Opteck broker perfectly suits traders with different levels of training. This is because the broker’s trading tools are fairly simple in usage and explanatory materials, represented on the website in a sufficient amount, allow growing familiar with this website quickly. The Support service, which includes staff speaking in different languages, works with this goal too.

An important peculiarity of this broker consists in that it cares for the security of clients’ deposits and pays a great attention to a confidentially of a traders’ information and their operations’ history on the platform. The SSL protocol is implemented on the website for this, and it provides a security of trading operations.

Trading terms:

  • Demo account – yes
  • Bonus fees – up to 100%
  • Minimum deposit – $250
  • Minimum investment $25
  • Maximum investment – $10K
  • Amount of contracts – 4
  • Underlying assets: currency pairs, indexes, stocks, and commodities

Registration on website

A registration on the website of Opteck.com is very simple and won’t cause any difficulties even for novice traders. Its main point is in filling-in a simple form, which is represented on the main page. There you have to specify information about yourself, as well information for the obtainment of an account that will be used for trading in the following. Despite its simplicity, the registration within Opteck com broker is an important step, and you have to take it as serious as possible. First off, you have to fill-in only authentic personal information. This is because you will have to activate your account in the following, and it requires you to provide documents which prove that you have a right to manage the account.

Activation of an account is a standard procedure, and you have to undergo it with any broker. Its main intent is to secure your account. An account will be fully available after verification, and you will be able to smoothly withdraw money from it.

Demo account

Opteck’s demo account is available to traders to the fullest extent. Its main intent is to provide an investor the possibility to check the platform’s performance ability, as well as its distinctive features, in the real time. It allows to get used to the broker’s operational characteristics without risking to lose own funds at this stage.

opteck demo

An important point is that the demo account of this company comes with all tools of the full-fledged platform. It allows conducting a work of the binary options’ purchase practically and according to the developed strategy. It will provide a possibility to evaluate the strategy’s effectiveness during a practical usage in the real market.

Minimum deposit

A minimum deposit of Opteck com broker amounts to $250. It is impossible to make a payment with a lesser amount because the system won’t let such transaction through. However, no more restrictions exist. The broker provides a trader a generous amount of ways to deposit a balance. To do this, you can use electronic payment systems, as well as bank cards. Such payments are delivered instantly, so money come to an account during few seconds. A bank remittance appears to be an exception because its procession takes up to three days, and only then money are deposited into an account, and a trader can begin trading binary options.

Trading platform

Opteck broker has a very convenient and comprehensible trading platform, even for a novice investor. Traders conduct their work within one working window which displays four tools for work. Each user can independently determine which one of them to use in order to make a profit according to his strategy. It is important to note that the minimum amount which a trader can invest in a lot’s purchase is $25 for all types of options represented in the platform.

opteck platform

  • Quick options
  • High/Low
  • Range
  • One touch
In this case, we mean short-term trading which provides a trader the possibility to buy a lot with an expiration time from 30 seconds. Such trading is less profitable than other tools provided in the platform, but the result of work becomes known almost instantly.
This type of trading is an analogue of classic binary options. Most traders work with this tool because it is very simple and profitable. A trader has to buy an option for a particular time in one of directions. If a prediction turns out to be correct, a user will earn up to 80% of profit at once.
Range options are similar to corresponding tools of other platforms, but serious differences exist too. In fact, an investor has two ranges: upper (from current price to upper level) and lower (from current price to lower level). To make profit, a trader has to predict in which range a price will appear by the time of expiration.
This is a popular type of trading, which is widely represented in the leading platforms. Its main point is in that it requires not just a simple prediction of a price movement, but a prediction of whether a price will achieve a level that is set automatically. Of course, success chance decreases in this case, but profitability grows many times.

Underlying assets

A choice of Opteck’s underlying assets is fairly broad. The broker offers more than 80 assets which a trader can work with. It is a fairly generous amount, taking into account that most of them are available for trading round the clock.

We have to make a note of a pretty detailed description which the broker has made to acquaint a trader with assets. The broker provides not only an indication of what a particular trading tool is, but also the certain recommendations for all four types. These recommendations consist in accentuation driving forces that influence each type substantially and additional aspects which a trader must take into account in his work.

Training of trading

A menu of the broker’s training center is located on the main page, in the website’s foreground. In this menu, any novice will find detailed guides on how to delve into a fascinating world of financial investments.

  • The five-step course for an individual study takes a main place in the educational collection. It includes initial information about the market and the trading platform’s functionality, as well as chapters for an advanced money-management, psychological preparation of a trader, and extensive market analysis;
  • Apart from the individual course of study, Opteck offers a free book in electronic format. In most of chapters, this book corresponds with the course’s materials, but it allows to use them in a convenient form of electronic document;
  • At the website’s right, you will find a news ticker with news of economy. It appears to be another reminder that a broker aims to provide the latest analytics. Leading company’s experts regularly publish analytical overviews in form of both fundamental research and technical analysis on the website;
  • Should any questions regarding binary options trading appear, you can communicate with a Support service in your language, and all broker’s training materials encourage to do this.

Types of accounts

Any company marks out several types of accounts depending on an amount of a trader’s deposit. Opteck marks out six types of accounts which have the most substantial bonuses. The accounts are assigned to types which correspond with one of the colors: from green to black. To know benefits provided by different accounts in more detail, get acquainted with the provided picture.

opteck types

In general terms, we have to note that as a deposit grows, a trader gains an access to more training materials, as well as to more flexible terms of money withdrawal, which can lead to an acceptance of a request and disbursement of money during several hours after filing of a corresponding request.

Withdrawal of money

After depositing a balance, any trader can file a request to withdraw funds. We have already mentioned a need to verify an account in this overview. Verification is conducted only for the first withdrawal of funds from an account. The broker will need several days to process your provided data, and then you will be able to withdraw funds. You won’t need to undergo verification in the following.

An important point you must take into account is that Opteck allows withdrawing in the amount not less than $25. The broker will reject requests with lesser amount because of the restrictive conditions, unambiguously mentioned on the website. Opteck will accept a withdrawal if it is requested for the same method that you have used to deposit a balance. For example, if you have deposited money into your account using a bank card, then you will be able to withdraw money just to the same card.

The withdrawal procedure itself is very simple. To conduct it, you have to choose the menu option banking services and then choose the menu option withdrawal of funds. After this, you have to specify amount of money you want to withdraw and confirm this action.

When working with this broker, you have to remember about a fee for an inactive account. If you have decided to stop working with the broker, the best decision would be to withdraw money. This is because the broker will automatically start to charge off $5 from the 61st day of the account’s inactivity and continue doing it until a zero balance occurs.

Trading strategy: how to earn on trading

Opteck working strategies are fairly broad and can include different types of currently existing strategies. Given a fact that the broker’s trading platform has four different and complementing each other options, this platform will involve the implementation of any working method.

The vast majority of traders use trend strategies because they can show an arising movement, as well as possible sideways retracement. It allows a trader to buy One touch and Range lots. These types of options are very profitable, and a trader can use them.

Analyzing Opteck: fraud or not

An assessment of the broker’s benefits and disadvantages is more than the simple summarizing process of the article. This is rather an impersonal judgment of all discovered flaws and imitative perfectness of an advertising sparkle. Only such a dispassionate view can help to avoid using a possible label “Opteck is a fraud” that the failed traders attach to all brokers randomly. On the one hand, we can understand a grievance of a trader who has lost his money. However, to be honest, we have to say that traders make 99% of mistakes due to the lack of knowledge, information, or experience. Blaming a public agreement of Opteck, broker’s regulations, or peculiarities of the particular financial market for these mistakes is wrongful in the least. In opposition to this, we will try to approach this matter impersonally.

+This broker is registered in London, adheres to the UK’s legislation, and it guarantees high safety of investments and account operations.

+The broker publishes updated economic forecasts in the analytics’ section each day. The broker’s library is full of electronic guidebooks and video materials.

+Availability of a demo account allows a trader to try his own strategy without a risk before starting to trade using real money.

We can mention only one disadvantage: a very high minimal lot which amounts to $25 even for the short-term options.


Opteck Broker Review
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Rating: 3.8

Broker’s rating

Trading terms
Trading platform
Support service
Traders’ training
Funds’ withdrawal
Very good!

This rating is based on the data provided by the independent sources, our own examinations, as well as on the reviews of traders who work with this broker. •Take the opportunity and express your opinion! Give a grade to a broker in the user’s rating and leave a review in the commentary’s section.

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Traders’ reviews

Trading process with each broker is highly individual. Every trader pays attention to different aspects which are important from his point of view. We offer you the reviews of Opteck broker in which traders with different level of training share the stories of work with this company, as well as the aspects they have liked and disliked.

Beginners’ reviews

The broker’s informational support is simply incomparable. For example, let’s take a huge electronic library in the training section. It is full with video materials on binary options. Another useful thing is a fundamental analytics which is updated every day.

Mary, 23, Nottingham

It is an excellent broker, mobile devices are fully supported, and it is the most important thing for me. Everything is clear and convenient. I work with this broker about a month, and I don’t have complaints against it, I am happy with everything.

Alex, 30, Sunderland

Professionals’ reviews

An important aspect which describes Opteck company is its registration address in London. Though this broker doesn’t have international licenses, it works according to an English law. Another thing I would like to remark is the convenient platform in which the entire trading process is represented vividly and visually accessible. In other words, my review of Opteck is positive because I didn’t detect any apparent flaws in it.

Kevin, 34, Sheffield

I had traded with this broker for a long time and successfully, and I didn’t see any disadvantages that could have an impact on work for the entire time. Of course, some issues occur, buy you can’t avoid it anywhere. The broker withdraws money very quickly, and it is very important. Three days was the longest term I had to wait before money came. If you need a reliable broker, use Opteck com.

Wayne, 43, London

Traders often wonder what company to work with in order to not worry about their investments. I have found an answer for myself long time ago. I use Opteck and recommend this broker to others as a very reliable company which has worked in the binary options’ market for a long time already. In addition, a head office in London is a huge advantage that all of the competitors lack.

Morgan, 37, Cardiff

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