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Boss Capital
Boss Capital is the latest company to appear in the binary options’ market of the US.  The main goal of the company was to take the fancy of influential people in the entire community. It appears that this effort became successful, for this reason, this company has grown substantially. However, we can’t say this is the only key to its success. We are considering this situation in our article. What we want to find out in the article is what Boss Capital has really done on the way to a success. What are the things that mark the company, making it discussed and praised in the competitive industry? Small amount of brokers have managed to take away the market’s share from popular companies. However, this is what Boss Capital has done. Continue reading to find out more.

Basic Information

Company’s Website:
Platform startup: January 2014
Work with traders from the USA: yes
Minimum Deposit: 200 USD, GBP, or EUR
Bonus on deposit: From 30 to 100 percent
Types of contracts: High/Low, One-Touch, Above/Below, Boundary, and Short-Term
Demo Account: Available upon request
Technology of platform: Tech Financials

Trading Platform and Features

The first to strike our eyes was the company’s trading platform which turned out to be matchless by the experience provided and its layout. Given a fact that the broker uses the Tech Financials technology for platforms, common for some other brokers we are familiar with, such conclusion was a bit surprising. The only one broker that manages to use this platform technology as well as Boss Capital does is 24Option, and this broker is very popular in the global market. Unfortunately, 24Option has refused to work with the US traders recently. So, currently, for us it appears that Boss Capital is the best broker in terms of implementation of this platform technology. Let’s get on to some peculiar features and basic essentials of the broker.

bosscapital platform

  • Clear and user-friendly trading platform
  • Technical analysis and advanced chart, located on the website
  • More than 200 combinations for trading and more than 150 types of underlying assets
  • Practical underlying assets’ filtering system
  • Support service in 10 most popular languages
  • Top-grade withdrawal policy
  • Availability of short-term and boundary options of rare occurrence
  • Different trading contract types in amount of 7
  • Great training center that has a generous amount of videos
  • Short-term contracts with high payout in amount up to 85 percent
  • Availability of high-yield and standard varieties of Boundary and One-touch options

We have taken the image above during a review period of Boss Capital that was lasting for a month. There you can see what impressive charting capabilities and tools of technical analysis this broker has. The single broker offering comparable charting on-site is 24Option. Given a fact that 24Option is in top-3 of brokers globally, Boss Capital appears to be in a good company. Generally, we advise our viewers and readers to use charting software located off-site, this software includes popular Forex trading MT4 and ThinkOrSwim developed by Ameritrade. However, not in this case because it turns out to be unnecessary with on-chart capabilities of Boss Capital. The only time we have felt a need to use full-fledged charting software from ThinkOrSwim was when we were trading with a long-term contract lasting up to an end of the day or even longer.

We believe that trading options provided on the platform are very important. For this reason, we should briefly review them before going to both training materials and support service.  We have already mentioned that Boss Capital provides a possibility to trade with seven different types of contracts (some people don’t distinguish high-yield and standard contracts, so they consider the amount to be five). Most traders have the same amount. However, none of them has more. Let’s review how different contracts are traded on the platform of Boss Capital.

Standard options: above/below and high/low

Standard high/low option is the most known and appreciated among binary option users, and Boss Capital surely has it too. The essence of this option is in predicting whether a price will be below or above your entry price by the expiration time. The return rates of these options are usually 70-90 %. Traders use this type of contracts more than any other type.

Options Above/below binary work with slight differences. When you use high/low options your strike price depends on the current price at the time of entry. You need to predict whether a price will be higher or lower than the current price. Considering that, with above/below options the broker sets the strike price at a particular distance from a current price (the distance is based on volatility in the market). Contracts of this type have higher risks, but higher outcome too – up to 500 percent.

Short-term options

The first company to introduce quick 60-second options was Traderush, it happened in 2011 and was very fast to develop. Currently, this contract appears to be the second in terms of popularity. Several brokers have managed to evolve the idea into implementation of contracts with 2-minute, 30-second, and 60-second expiration time. Traders have appreciated this opportunity because their flexibility capabilities have grown and they have some new options to develop strategies.  This kind of options is very similar to high/low options, and the only difference is a short expiration time. Another advantage is that Boss Capital has the highest payout amount on these contracts among all other brokers – up to 85 percent.

One-touch options: standard daily and high-yield weekly

One-touch option is another frequently used type of contracts currently. You can use either standard daily or high-yield weekly contracts. The latest one can be used only during a weekend. The thing we’ve liked the most is an opportunity to trade on weekends when markets are closed. Long weekend contracts from Boss Capital are able to offer up to 500 percent of return. You will find this type very useful if you prefer to trade based on events, including earning releases, news, and so on.

Boundary options: regular daily and high-yield weekly

Both regular and high-yield boundary options are becoming more popular, though they are still rarely occurred. They have something in similar with above/below contracts we have discussed earlier in the article. When working with these options, a trader has to predict whether or not the price of the particular asset will stay within a price range or outside it by the expiration time. The image above represents it as two parallel lines define the price range. A trader has to predict where the price will finish its movement: within two lines or outside of them. The idea seems clear enough.

Reputation and support service of Boss Capital

We consider level of support service as the most important factor when selecting any binary options’ broker. What we definitely know is that any advantages, including any bonuses and features, will never recompense bad support service of a broker.  For this reason, we always contact the support service’s representatives several times in course of preparations of brokers’ reviews. We invent a nonexistent problem with a trading platform or an account and evaluate the way a broker resolves this problem.  If broker’s agents stay calm and friendly during resolving of a nonexistent problem and even do resolve it, it means that their work is perfect. In this regard, we are glad to announce that we have communicated with the support service twice, including contacts by phone and by live chat, and in both cases we have received good service and remained pleased with Boss Capital.

bosscapital academy

Considering a reputation, you probably wonder whether a new broker, like Boss Capital, can have a sustained reputation. Usually, an answer to this question is negative, but, in this case, it turns out to be positive. In fact, Boss Capital really has a good reputation which exists because of a perfect service and innovations that mark the broker as the market’s leader. How is it even possible? This is mostly because Boss Capital was introduced by the same reputable company that has established Redwood Options and TraderRush, which are both very successful and popular brokers in the entire industry. Another important reason why Boss Capital has rapidly become supported by big men in the industry is a financial backing and managerial abilities of the company’s founders.

Training materials and development of strategies

We think that both training materials and materials for development of strategies are an integral part of the company’s support service.  A lot of people begin to trade binary options regularly, and they require a help from a broker to start smoothly. Fortunately, this broker’s training section is one of the best among those we have recently reviewed. Novice traders will have the opportunity to read an eBook for beginners, analysis and commentaries on events in the market, as well as watch video courses and more than 15 different webinars in a complete video academy designed for users who have different experience. It’s worth mentioning that the best and exclusive materials displayed with locks in the image above are available for users who deposit their accounts. Even if you are a very experienced trader, you will manage to learn something from these materials, and it is a great benefit of Boss Capital. The difference from most other brokers is that Boss Capital offers much more than the beginners’ basic guidance in strategy development, so its materials will be useful for experienced traders too.


We haven’t reviewed such a good broker for a long time, and the last one comparable case was when GOptions appeared in the market. As the world’s most known brokers develop, we believe that Boss Capital can definitely compete with leading of them. However, if we take into consideration only those brokers which work in the US market currently, we can say that Boss Capital is the best among them. At the same time, despite having much more competitors outside of the USA, this broker can become one of the best choices even for non-US residents.  In conclusion we would like to say that this broker certainly belongs to the category of the leading brokers that have joined the market in a good while. We expect the see a continuous growth of its popularity in the following.


Boss Capital – US Broker Review
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