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So you’ve got an iPad and you probably want to start thinking about getting an app. There is the the best ipad app for almost everything. Here we are going to look at the best ipad app or two that are more recently made, giving you an insight into the world of Apple.
Docs to Go Premium (with prices from just .99)
Docs to Go Premium is a new the best ipad app that will sort out your entire document needs. It also has the unique ability to be able to work with many documents. One of the best things about this the best ipad app is the way that it can sort out practically all of your Office documents and it will also work with some of the cloud services, (for example SugarSync and Google Docs.) The application uses the iPad interface to a great effect which makes it easy to work with documents of any time at any time. The price for this the best ipad app is a shade under (.99 to be exact) so will come at a big price for an App, but it assures quality for its big price tag.
The To-Do List (with prices from just .99)
Another great the best ipad app is the To-Do List. For years we have kept tiny post-it notes to remind us of those little things that keep is going day-to-day. Now, the best ipad app allows you to keep the records electronically for under . If you’re still wondering, its not a scribble board or a whiteboard but allows for you to keep an organised and well detailed record of everything that you want to remember. You also have the ability to sync this best ipad app with an online account at Toodledo. Giving you a lot of control as to how you use the list. Its an organised solution to a practical technique at an affordable price.
Air Display (with prices from just .99)
Air Display proves to be that the best ipad app that you use more than you ever thought that you would. In a nutshell, it turns your iPad into a wireless external monitor for your MacBook, giving you a mobile two monitor setup. For just .99 it gives you an extra screen for the MacBook, originally, you may think that this is a waste for the best ipad app, but it can actually prove to be more useful than you originally think. Its clever, unique and one hell of an App.
Bulletin XL (with prices from just 2.99)
The bulletin XL is the cheapest app on the list here and allows you to keep up with hundreds of RSS feeds and is also quite a precious app. Bulletin presents a simple user interface and tight Google Reader integration. The cost for this App is under three dollars so even if it turns out that you dont like it, you still wont have wasted much of your money at all, and we almost guarantee that you wont as it turns out to be a great App.

Air Display

Frequently Asked Questions

    As of this week I can not see my stock portfolios on my iPhone nor iPad. I can still see on my PC. How iPiPad?

    • ANSWER:
      Which data provider? Which app?

      I’ll bet it’s a free service or app. What do you expect for free? You can pay to get service and help.

      Most people get their data through their broker, so when you open an account and actually “need” data, it will be available. If you already have a broker, change.

    what are some good stocks that will be either going up really high or super low?
    i need to know what stocks will be either going super high or super low from now between december 3. this is just a school project to learn about stocks. i know you cant perdict what stocks will be certain to go up but does anything seem like it would be going up or down

    • ANSWER:
      Apple, Inc. (APPL)

      Go short with it. Apple has risen a lot over the past week. Analysts have raised projections from 5 to 0. You are probably then asking why I suggest shorting it? 40% of Apple’s revenue come from one product, the iPhone. The reason for this is the high price it charges AT&T. It will not disclose how much AT&T pays, but it is probably around 0-800. A consumer pays 9 because AT&T makes up the money by charging high costs for the service over a 2 year contract. The iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad are basically the same animal.

      The lowest Mac laptop with about 4GB of RAM, and a 250GB hard drive (yes, only 250GB) is about ,199. A Windows-based laptop with 4GB and over 500GB hard drive cost 9. Apple does not make its profit on these. It is the touchscreen toys that make it what it is.

      By the end of the year, there will be so many tablet pc’s on the market it is sick. Apple will not be the only one on the block with one. The iPad starts at 9 for a Wi-Fi version. It has only 16GB of storage, and no external storage capability….. no usb port.

      It is not a real personal computer. It has many limitations. However, the thing that has pulled so many to Apple has been the apps. More and more companies are catching up. Microsoft will have a Windows 7 phone out soon. Android is growing, and both it and Microsoft are developing more and more apps.

      Two decades ago, Apple was the first to develop the mouse. It was the first to have a graphic-user interface. However, why did Windows become the dominant system? Apple made the mistake Nintendo did years ago when Nintendo had 90% of the market. It existed as a closed system. The Macintosh operating system only worked with Apple hardware. Windows software worked on third party hardware. Windows 7 works on computers made on HP, Gateway, etc.

      I remember in the ’90’s when Yahoo was the rage. Analysts said Qualcomm was going to be a ,000 stock. Both crashed. Analysts have reasons to run a stock up, and down. Just 2 weeks before Yahoo began to “crash and burn” a woman I worked with told me her broker instructed her to get out of Yahoo. CNBC was pushing this stock like there was no tomorrow each day for those weeks. Then, CNBC said they couldn’t understand why it was crashing. Then, every analyst was stating why it was a bad stock.

      Apple will crash soon. They have a limited product line. Any competitor’s push into these lines will hurt it. Apple makes some nice products, but they are nice based on what people think they can do with it. The apps are mostly on the Apple products. Since Android and Windows 7 are expanding, and opening its app store to open development, Apple will make the same mistake it did in the ’80’s.


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