Swiss America Review


Swiss America Review: Is It a Good Precious Metals Company for Investors?

There are plenty of fish in the sea, as the saying goes. In the same manner, there are also numerous investment companies today offering precious metals for investors to grow their portfolio. This is why an ordinary individual who is new to this scene must do his or her homework to discover and realize which companies can be relied on.

Experts claim that gold and silver are great investments because they have been around for a very long time, and are known for their increasing value over time. This kind of investment is surely recommended for those who wish to build their retirement funds and even for just making money work for them passively.

A Little Background check on Swiss America

When it comes to Gold IRA investments, Swiss America is one company that can be counted on. After all, it had been in this business for about 30 years now. Their packages are considered quite unique, and over the years, they have been helping many people convert their IRAs to Gold IRAs.

Swiss America is quite excellent in providing sound advice on what to do and what to avoid in order to have a stronger investment portfolio.


This company is currently encouraging people to choose gold investment because of safety, liquidity, privacy of ownership, and the potential of profit involved. In this regard, more individuals are becoming convinced about giving it a shot.

The Educational Benefit Provided

One of the strongest points of Swiss America as compared with other gold investment companies is that it offers quality education for those interested in a Gold IRA. There are equal opportunities for the education of those who wish to learn more. At the same time, the company offers spectacular customer service that is also valuable in guiding investors accordingly and keeping them coming back and even recommending this company to others.

The Competitive Pricing

In comparing the rates of Swiss America to other gold and silver investment firms, one would find that the prices are truly competitive. Hence, there is no reason to believe that money will be wasted. Besides, the customer service representatives of the company will not lead investors on to convince them of large amounts of investment. The suggestions and recommendations given are often credible, with no hint of self-serving interests.

The Customer Service Appeal

Based on the reports of those who have inquired with Swiss America and those who have actually bought gold or converted their IRAs to gold through this company, the experience has been generally pleasant. This is mainly because of the great appeal of their customer service. The representatives are well-trained and knowledgeable, and are quick to respond too. They are polite, patient, and easy to talk to as well.

The User-Friendly Website

Some people are very pleased with the Swiss America website. Since their accounts are mostly monitored and accessed online, it is important for a company to have a proficient website that can serve their needs successfully. A user-friendly website is certainly of great value today, especially in these modern times and digital means.

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A Few Things One May Not Like

Even with Swiss America’s several good points, it falls short in comparison with other investment companies with 5-star ratings from various investment groups and websites. It is not even listed with BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) and many other trusted organizations, what more to have a rating from these established and highly respected institutions. Their BBB rating, nevertheless, is A+ with 15 complaints made; only 5 of them have been closed as of today.

In general, many individuals find it safer and better to invest with established and highly rated companies. It is, of course, recommended that aside from these ratings, an aspiring investor ought to take a look at the feedback being given about the company. For example, there have been a few complaints against Swiss America in the past such as their high shipping costs, the type of advertising they run, and the mismatch of advertised prices and actual prices. Some people reported that they didn’t find the Swiss America executives easy to talk and some even claimed they won’t ever buy from Swiss America again.

There have also been some accounts on customers who felt they have been ripped off by Swiss America’s commissions. Such negative reviews can be put aside, but should not be completely ignored. These are helpful in your comparison of the company with other similar investment companies.

Final thoughts

The surprising fact about Swiss America is that almost nobody is talking about them; the few we found out there were not described in a positive tone. So, it may not prove to be a good choice in the long run if an investor intends to earn big from his or her sales of gold with Swiss America. So, you should look around to know more about Swiss America and invest with it at your own discernment.

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