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One of the best ways that you can choose to diversify your assets is by investing in gold. Many financial experts recommend it because gold is incorruptible and has been around for centuries. It is a stable form of investment for people seeking to grow their money and to prepare for a wonderful retirement. It also brings about great profits that will allow you to stay ahead of inflation. With many gold investment companies to choose from, the question is which company can be trusted to help you in such an important investment. We will cover the features, benefits and drawbacks of each and every gold investing company out there. In this article, we will review Regal Assets.

Accreditation of Regal Assets
If you have read Forbes magazine lately, then it is possible that you have seen Regal Assets featured in their 2013 investment guide special issue. Regal Assets is a well-known California based financial firm. With its high accreditation, including being accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2009 and getting a 5-star rating on TrustLink for customer service, this is a reliable company that will not let you down. It is highly respected in the industry and comes with an excellent track record.

Moreover, the Business Consumer Alliance has given Regal Assets a rating of AAA, which is also the highest. Indeed, this is proof enough of the amazing credibility of the company as well as why the investors are increasingly attracted to it.

Gold Investing

Customer Service
Many individuals have reported over and again how very helpful and beneficial the staff at Regal Assets are. Even if you’re just inquiring over the phone or consulting face-to-face, you’ll truly appreciate the thorough explanation provided along with the benefits and risks involved. This way, an individual is guided to make the right choice and to see if the investment is the right one for him or her. Many are happy to note that they don’t feel as if the company is just out to sell them an investment. Rather, they feel that Regal Assets really cares about their future.

If a person is not knowledgeable about investing in gold, silver, or platinum, he can rely on Regal Assets to provide the best management service that will help maximize the profit as well as keep the investment safe. As soon as an individual shows interest in a gold investment, Regal Assets provides free investment kit including DVDs, magazines, pamphlets and more. They purposely do so to make sure people are thoroughly informed before they place their purchase order.

This company has a team of professional advisers to guide clients when it comes to avoiding penalty taxes should they shift from your existing 401k or IRA to precious metals.

The personalized approach of Regal Assets is a plus point for many because they really feel as if the investment being recommended suits their needs well.

Another great feature is that their clients can easily check Facebook or Twitter to monitor how the investment has turned out and to see any updates or announcements from the company. Their website is well organized and one can get real time price and latest info about the gold market in any time of the day.

Competitive Fees
Often, reputable companies that have been around long will charge high fees as compared with the rest in the industry. However, you’ll be glad to know that Regal Assets does not do this. The company cares for their clients and is really committed to its advocacy of financial independence through investments in precious metals; it has made its fees very affordable, considered highly competitive in the field. There are several storage and administrative costs a client will be responsible for, but these are also discussed upfront.

Regal Assets believes in making use of a flat fee structure in order to avoid additional and hidden expenses. They offer an annual rate to cover for everything and even give a bonus of one year free of fees!

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Products of Regal Assets
Regal Assets offers several forms of metal products such as:

Gold Coin
Proof Coin
Silver Coin
Apart from these, they also offer some diversified metal portfolios in order to stabilize the investors’ asset mix and minimize risk of their vested fund. These portfolios include

Knighthood Package
Merchant Package
Gold IRA
Regal assets offers gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) which allows investors to capitalize on the inflation hedging advantages of gold while enjoying the tax benefits attached with the IRA accounts. Any individual who already has a gold IRA account with some other firm, Regal Assets facilitates a gold IRA rollover whereby the money in a gold IRA account of another firm can conveniently be moved to Regal Assets.

Delivery Guarantee
For greater convenience of customers, Regal Assets also has a 7-day delivery guarantee for the gold, silver, and/or platinum coins one wish to buy or invest in. This is a rare offer that makes the company stand out in the industry, and thus shows once again how reliable and efficient Regal Assets is.

In addition, should you decide to return your assets, Regal Assets can even buy them back at spot price.

Indeed, it has been proven over the years that Regal Assets is a remarkable company that takes good care of its investors and ensures the optimal growth of their assets. This is why they are one of the only gold investment companies Better Gold Investing is proud to recommend.

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