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Kitco Review

Kitco Review: Discovering the Ups and Downs

These days, more investors are taking a good and long look at putting their money “where the gold is”.  Because gold has been around for centuries and has always been held in great esteem among experts in the financial and investment world, both new and old investors are entering this market and discovering its promises to grow their money. Furthermore, many are also capitalizing on silver and other precious metals.

Although there are several who claim that this can be a lucrative market, it also comes with its own risks. One of the biggest factors that can affect one’s investment is the company itself. With various companies offering gold investment opportunities, it’s best that interested investors take a bit of time and effort to get to know the reputable ones and the benefits they can provide.

Considering Kitco as an Investment Company

One of the rising names in gold investment industry today is Kitco. This company, headquartered in Canada, has been around for a long time, continuously providing news and resources for various types of information that are related to gold and silver finances and investments. For this reason, they have become well-respected in the industry and known to be reliable and efficient.

Kitco mining

However, there are still many who are not aware that Kitco is also selling gold and silver along with platinum and rhodium today. These are genuine, precious metals that are accredited. With one of the finest bullions and coins, Kitco is highly recognized for being a decent and trusted online dealer when it comes to such investments. Moreover, the company has been in this business for a long time now so one can at least be assured of their competence and credibility.

What Kitco Offers to Investors

Aside from the fact that Kitco has been engaged in this business for many years and has been offering a “one-stop shop” for all types of resources and information about precious metals, one of its other advantages is that investors can choose to buy in both big and small amounts. This way, those who just want to give it a try do not have to risk a huge amount of money. It is certainly helpful for beginners as well.

Just like other investment companies dealing in precious metals, Kitco also offers a lower rate for those who buy in bulk. These customers can also be assured that they will not be cheated and will definitely get genuine metals of the finest quality.

With competitive pricing, Kitco is also making its own mark in the industry. Although it still has a long way to go, at least it is able to provide a decent system for investing in precious metals, sometimes utilized by investors for diversity of funds.

In addition, Kitco is also offering standard shipping services which are done via UPS or FedEx. Deliveries are very efficient within the US and Canada, and can also be availed for shipment to other countries. In case of a large and very expensive order, specifically worth $75,000 or more, the investor can be assured of a safe and secure delivery with the use of an armored truck.

Besides selling the products mentioned above, Kitco can also roll over cash from gold IRA to bullions or coins. Also, the company offers the option for investors to choose to be stockholders of the precious metals that are owned by Kitco. In such case, there are no shipping fees involved nor storage costs to add up to expenses. It is also considered safer by some.

What Kitco Has to Improve

There’s always room for improvement. A lot of positives of Kitco may turn out to be negatives at times. With Kitco, aside from the limited product selection, the online options are not always a breeze to navigate and use. Some people find it a hassle to have to take screenshots of their accounts, for example.

Another point Kitco falls short of as compared to others is a greater selection of products that can satisfy a multitude of investors. At times, there are certain metals that people are looking for which they do not have. There is limited variety unlike with companies such as Regal Assets. This is especially true when it comes to coins. On the other hand, Kitco can be proud of having different sizes of gold bars to offer.

Another setback for Kitco is the fact that Gold IRA is not actually stored within US boundaries but kept in Hong Kong and Canada. In this manner, it is not easy to pull out or access the actual metals.

One more thing lacking with this particular company is that they are not able to offer IRA advice and close guidance for investors. Therefore, those who might be interested in an IRA rollover may not be helped here and would have to learn elsewhere on their own. Your best bet for a Gold IRA rollover would be with Regal Assets.

Final Thoughts

Kitko may seem to be a wise selection at first glance; however, an investor should conduct through research before making the final decision. With Kitco, an investor is highly pushed to nominate them as the account representative. Unlike established investment companies like Regal Assets, Kitco does not have ratings with trusted institutions such as BBB and BCA (Business Consumer Alliance). This may not be a good idea to put an unaccredited company in charge of your account; you may put your savings in jeopardy should the company decide to sell/close their business in future.  So, one should go with Kitko with certain precautions.

Regal Assets is our top recommendation for your gold investment needs. You can read our review on Regal Assets over here.

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